Young Gladstone mum smiles, claps after jail sentence

KIRI Jade Maree Ezekiala was one happy mum after copping a jail sentence.
KIRI Jade Maree Ezekiala was one happy mum after copping a jail sentence.

KIRI Jade Maree Ezekiala was one happy mum after copping a jail sentence.

Ezekiala, 26, clapped her hands with glee and flashed a grateful grin at the magistrate after being given extended jail time, but an early parole release date.

The young mum pleaded guilty to nine charges over video, in custody, from the Brisbane Women's Correctional Centre to the Gladstone Magistrates Court .

These included one count of entering a dwelling and committing an indictable offence, stealing; one count of possessing used drug utensils; commit public nuisance; obstructing a police officer while in performance of duties; dealing of unauthorised shop goods; possession of dangerous drugs and three counts of stealing.

On these charges she had already spent 38 days in custody, the court heard.

Facts of the charges were read out by police prosecutor Bala Selvadurai.

The first of Ezekiela's offending was on August 26, where she walked into a Gladstone Chemist Warehouse store and stole three bottles of perfume, worth up to $60, Selvadurai said.

Then, on October 3 and later the same month on the 28th, and again on November 1, she entered Dan Murphy's and stole bottles of bourbon, leaving without paying for $143 in goods.

On October 6 she was charged with the public nuisance offence and obstructing a police officer.

On November 4 she was found in possession of .28grams of cannabis.

The most recent charge saw Ezekiela charged with an indictable offence, where she broke into a house in Gladstone stole a number of goods .

Mr Selvadurai said this included a black Samsung phone, a computer and a Sony playstation.

Defence lawyer Nikki Wawryk said her client was a young mother of three kids, a 6-year-old, a 10-year-old and an 11-year-old, all of which were currently in the care of their grandfather.

Ms Wawryk said her client had, along with the pressure of financially supporting her family, been dealing with a bi-polar diagnosis and a drug addiction.

She said her client had been involuntarily treated for her mental health but as a result, was now receiving government support.

Additionally, Ms Wawryk said her client was enrolled in a counselling program that would further support her once she left jail.

"Based on those two several detrimental factors of her life; the addiction and the diagnosis, I believe that while a deterrence not to offend is necessary, she would also greatly benefit from rehabilitation," Ms Wawryk said.

Acting Gladstone Magistrate Neil Lavaring ordered the property she stole from the residential property be returned, and restitution be paid to the Chemist Warehouse; a sum of $58 and to Dan Murphy's, a sum of $143.

For the stealing offences, Mr Lavaring also fined Ezekiela $100.

For all other offences, taking into account her days spent in custody already, he sentenced her to serve six months imprisonment, to be released after serving a third.

She was be released on parole for four months on May 5, 2017.

Chuffed with this outcome, Ezekiela thanked the magistrate, clapped her hands and said "yay".

To which Mr Lavaring responded, "don't let this happen again".

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