Determined teen shows how to find work

Ryan Rouvray, 18, has landed himself a long term position working at the Calliope Home Ground Cater Care.
Ryan Rouvray, 18, has landed himself a long term position working at the Calliope Home Ground Cater Care. Paul Braven

RYAN Rouvray is a bright 18-year-old local man who is living proof that determination prevails in the job seeking world.

Despite having an intellectual disability resulting in a reading and writing level of a nine-year-old, Mr Rouvray has scored himself a very important job.

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"I just got a job out at the Calliope Home Ground where I'm the kitchen hand for 1300 people," he said.

"I work two weeks on and one week off and my aim now is to become a chef and maybe take up a job in Melbourne."

After gaining help through advanced personnel management, a disability employment service, Ryan has his foot in the door, and it's more than the rest of his school mates can say.

"I've got a few mates that are struggling and have to go mow lawns," he said.

Ryan's mother Roberta said Ryan had never been without a job, whether it was at IGA or in promotions at the local radio station, but others weren't as lucky.

"I know for a fact that there's work out there, but people have a stigma with fast food and don't want to lower to that," she said.

"In this town it's very much who you know not what you know, and the other problem is that they are just looking towards the weekend to go drinking, not a steady job.

"It proves that if Ryan can be steadily employed, so can you."

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