Pushbikes - they don't make them like they used to

REMEMBER the good old days of riding your pushbike as a kid?

It could do anything. The trusty bike was bullet-proof, it could ride down mountains, you could ride it into the creek and it would still get you home.

The only brakes it had were your feet and sometimes your thongs - if you had any.

You could do a mono on it for what seemed like miles without any sweat.

You could carry three of your friends to the shops on the bars and you'd get there without a scratch.

There was no need to wear a helmet as they weren't around then. The only helmet you had was your cap.

You could leave it out in the front yard for weeks and it would still be there when you went back.

Sure, dad would mow around it, but at least it wasn't flogged.

If you turned it upside down you could change the puncture in five minutes and all you needed was a bucket and some water.

During the Harbour Festival you could steal some of your sister's hair bands and tie them onto the wheels and enter the best-dressed bike competition and win.

Nowadays things are a little different.

If you drop your bike you've just done $400 damage.

If you get a puncture like I did on the weekend you need a degree to work out how to take the wheel off at the same time as the 96 gears that the gold plated chain runs on.

You can't pump the tyres up with air anymore.

You need special helium/oxygen/high performance gases and that costs as much as a second-hand campervan from Rockhampton.

All in all things have changed a little over the past 40 years that I've been jumping on these two wheeled machines.

I still remember the day I was helped onto my little bike in Sydney for the first time, and in all these years nothing has changed.

I still fall off, run into things and feel bullet-proof coming down past state high.

As soon as the puncture is fixed today I'll be back on the road, but I'm not the guy in lycra, just so you know.

No one is that silly.

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