OUR SAY: Our dairy despair is breeding initiative

A DESPERATE dairy farmer came up with a wild idea on Friday night.

Yesterday the idea became a reality which we can only hope gets the message across to consumers and the politicians who represent them.

The reality is consumers will not have fresh milk in Queensland for much longer if the industry hurts any more than it is now.

We will not have fresh milk if even the current deregulation and supermarket price-cut war crisis goes on much longer.

But the international price collapse that has followed European deregulation, Russian import boycotts and the Chinese slow-down means the tremors the industry has experienced so far are about to become a real quake, one that threatens to destroy dairying all over Queensland (and probably along the whole eastern seaboard of Australia).

"We'll be drinking UHT milk with our cappuccinos," Sexton milk producer Andrew Burnett warned last week.

Sadly, it seems dairy industry concerns are only now (and haltingly) being taken seriously.

Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says the government will stand solid with Victorian farmers in their time of need.

Where was all this help when Queensland's crisis began a decade ago.

Senator Glenn Lazarus has warned that suicide is now a reality in an industry in crisis.

We can all help by buying name brands like Cooloola Milk, Pauls and Dairy Farmers.

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