Definitive answer on harbour water unlikely

CONFUSION reigns over Gladstone harbour.

That confusion comes from yet another report on the state of our harbour, and once again it seems to leave us with more questions than answers.

We have a multitude of reports from various scientists and various bodies over the past year or so, and each one seems to have some area that conflicts with other studies.

Perhaps this is the problem.

The science around the quality of salt water is so incredibly complex that there is never one answer to any problem with that water.

Salt water is so different to fresh water in that it contains a huge number of minerals not found in the stuff we drink.

And each of these elements tends to taint the scientific data.

It's highly unlikely that we will ever get a definitive answer that cannot be refuted by anyone.

Because of this, one wonders whether it's appropriate to let time be the great healer that it is.

Nature has a habit of bouncing back, eventually.


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