Defiant climber fuelled by more than red bull antics

ONE man may have been trying to start his own Spanish-style street festival in Gladstone, after being sentenced for a public nuisance offence in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The Running of the Bulls is world renowned; Matthew Greg Holmes however, might have been opting for a slightly less famous version, the Climbing of the Bull perhaps.

Holmes was found by police at about 12.30am on March 9 attempting to scale the red bull statue that sits outside Ribs and Rumps on Goondoon St.

Officers advised him against climbing on the replica beast, however as they moved a short distance away, saw Holmes ignore their request and proceed to climb onto the bull.

Police noted Holmes appeared intoxicated at the time, and his ensuing actions did nothing to ease their suspicions.

When approached by police, Holmes told officers he had the right to search their police car and he could move their squad car off the road.

The 31-year-old admitted to officers to being intoxicated and smoking cannabis before he had gone out that night.

Magistrate Russell Warfield noted Holmes plea of guilty and the relatively minor nature of the public nuisance offence.

Holmes was fined a total of $600 for his two offences.

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