DEBATE: were Saints wrong in club ban after stealing kit?

IT'S the punishment that has towns divided: should an AFL club have banned the whole club from playing just because one guy stole opposition kit last weekend?

AFL Capricornia has forced Boyne Island Tannum Sands to forfeit all matches from juniors to seniors as a result of an incident in Raglan last Saturday.


Here is what two of our in-house AFL fans had to say, but let us know what you think by commenting below.


Matt Brooks:

Picture this. When one of the BITS Saints juniors grows up into senior footy and one of his teammates suggests they do something really very stupid, even criminal, like steal opposition bags from a bus and empty them out on the highway you would hope you'd hear something like this.

"Don't do that mate, no way. Remember back in 2015 when someone pulled a prank like that. The whole club had to forfeit and we lost competition points across every grade, from juniors to seniors."

Lesson learned. You can argue that the actions of one, or a few, shouldn't affect the whole. But not in this case. The whole club should be punished so they learn a valuable lesson. That is, you just don't do the wrong thing. If you do your club suffers. And you can't get much more wrong than nicking another person's personal possessions and scattering them on the road.

* Matti Brooks is Sport Editor at The Morning Bulletin


Bryce Johns:

One of the great joys of life as a young boy was waking up Saturday morning, and looking forward to hitting the sports field.

For me it was soccer. And in New Zealand, that meant snow at times. And I loved it.

If the weather ever forced us off the field there were tears. And yes, they were mine.

So I have every sympathy for the boys and girls of Boyne Island Tannum Sands Saints who won't get to play Aussie rules this weekend because of the actions of a dickhead.

The club has pulled out of all competition because an idiot - or a drunk - stole property belonging to Glenmore Bulls (Rockhampton) players when the two sides happened across each other at a pub post last Saturday's games.

So the kids suffer because of one or two idiots?
It doesn't make sense. Ban the player, ban his team, report him to the police, get him to AA…… but sidelining every kid?
It's a gross over-reaction.

I'd be signing up for another code, or another team. And booing my own senior team when they next played.

*Bryce Johns is Editorial Director for Australian Regional Media

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