David Campbell faces his toughest interview yet


In penning his first-ever children's book, television host and singer David Campbell took inspiration from a very special person in his life: his five-year-old daughter, Betty. Stupid Carrots introduces the character of Betty Bunny, who doesn't want to eat her carrots, much to the chagrin of her poor parents.


In possibly Stellar's cutest interview yet, Campbell sits down with Betty - who he shares with wife Lisa, along with son Leo, 10, and Betty's twin brother Billy - to discuss coconuts, Christmas and, of course, carrots.


David: Can you please state your name and your age?


Betty: Betty and five years old. Can I spell my name?


David: Of course.


Betty: B-e-t-t-y!


David: Fantastic! Now. Do you eat your carrots?


Betty: [Long pause] Sometimes.


David: Do you like carrots?


Betty: I'm in the middle. I like ice cream more than carrots.


David: OK, cool. Are you anything like Betty Bunny from the book?


Betty: Yeah!


David: What parts are like you?


Betty: When I always say, "What's for dinner?"

“I’m a present!” (Picture: Daniel Nadel)
“I’m a present!” (Picture: Daniel Nadel)

David: You do always say, "What's for dinner?" What's your favourite food? Would you eat a hotdog?


Betty: Just not with mustard. I don't like mustard. I like a hotdog in a bun.


David: Look me in the eye. What's your favourite, favourite, favourite dinner?


Betty: My favourite, favourite, favourite dinner is… burgers. I had McDonald's yesterday and I went a bit cuckoo.


David: Why'd you have McDonald's yesterday?


Betty: Because of my [singsong voice] daaaaance concert!


David: Did you think you did well in your dance concert?


Betty: Yeees!


David: There were a lot of people sitting in the audience watching you. Did you like that feeling?


Betty: I didn't mind.


David: What did you feel like when you were on stage? Did it feel fun or were you scared?


Betty: Scared and fun mixed together. Sometimes I got really excited, but I had scared inside my heart. My heart was scared.


David: Was that called being… what? "Br…"


Betty: Br…. brave!

Betty has big, big plans for her future. (Picture: Daniel Nadel)
Betty has big, big plans for her future. (Picture: Daniel Nadel)

David: You did really well! That's why you had McDonald's; it was a treat. Do you have McDonald's all the time? Can we just clarify this?


Betty: Umm. I have it on Sundays… and…


David: Not on Sundays! We don't have it on Sundays!


Betty: No! Sundae. The ice cream sundaes.


David: Let's go back to the book. Do you like the way Betty Bunny looks? Do you think she's cute or do you think she's angry?


Betty: I'll show my favourite [rifles through book]. It's at the end.


David: Oh, you like it in the end. Because she's eaten all of her soup and she's full.


Betty: Yeah. And her tongue comes out. I like yum soup.


David: Do you ever feel like you're so hungry that you get angry? Tell the truth.


Betty: [Evil giggle] No!


David: I don't think you're telling the truth!


Betty: No, never!


David: You never get angry because you're hungry?


Betty: Um. No. Yes.

David, Lisa, Betty, Billy and Leo Campbell. (Picture: Supplied)
David, Lisa, Betty, Billy and Leo Campbell. (Picture: Supplied)

David: If you weren't Betty Bunny in this book - if you were going to draw yourself in the book - what animal would you be?


Betty: A kitten.


David: What sort of kitten? What colour?


Betty: Purpley-pink. I mean rainbow! Rainbow and sparkly.


David: Would you have kitten ears or would you have a horn like a unicorn?


Betty: Kitten ears and a horn. A little baby horn because I'm a kitten.


David: Let's think about Christmas time coming up. What do you want from Santa for Christmas?


Betty: I want a… uh… a…


David: Choose one thing.


Betty: A make-up set.


David: A make-up set!


Betty: Christmas make-up.


David: What's the difference between a Christmas make-up set and a make-up set? Does it make you look like Mrs Claus? Or an Elf?


Betty: No. Christmas make-up is make-up and some parts are Christmassy.


David: Are you excited about Christmas this year?


Betty: Yes.

Betty dressed up as ‘Kath and Kim’s Sharon. (Picture: Instagram)
Betty dressed up as ‘Kath and Kim’s Sharon. (Picture: Instagram)

David: Are you going to buy presents for me?


Betty: [Long pause] [Giggle] No!


David: No!? Why aren't you going to buy me a present?


Betty: [Laughs.] Because I can't! I can't drive to a shop! I can't just drive to a shop and spend all of my money.


David: What money?!


Betty: The money in my box.


David: Oh, your unicorn box. OK, you've got the money. So you're not going to spend your money on me?


Betty: No.


David: I spend my money on you! Does that seem fair?


Betty: My money is my love.


David: Your money is your love… So you don't love me as much as you love your money, is that what you're saying?


Betty: Yes.


David: But you do love me?


Betty: I'm a present!


David: So you're my present for Christmas?


Betty: Yes.

David and Betty Campbell feature in this Sunday’s Stellar.
David and Betty Campbell feature in this Sunday’s Stellar.

David: Alright. So can I ask you about school? What is your favourite subject at school?

What do you like doing the most?


Betty: Um. I like doing art. And my students' art, in my office.


David: What do you mean you've got an office? You're not a teacher.


Betty: It's a pretend office!


David: Oh, you've got a pretend office at school. So you're going to be a grown-up one day. What would you like to be?


Betty: A princess. Um. At a beach. A president.


David: You want to be a princess president who lives on the beach?


Betty: No. Like... coconuts.


David: Oh, like a mermaid? So you look like a princess mermaid?


Betty: Yes. But still a president.


Stupid Carrots by David Campbell (Scholastic) is out now.



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