Dangerous driver crosses over lanes

Dash cam footage shows teen's shocking near-miss

DASH cam footage of what was almost a head-on crash on a busy Gladstone road has left drivers shocked.

Zadia Horridge, 18, has revealed footage that shows the moment another driver crossed double lines and headed straight for her on Glenlyon Rd on Saturday.

The Gladstone teen has only had her licence for six months but has been praised for her quick-thinking on the road.

She was able to make a swift decision to avoid what could have been a head-on crash.

"Initially I thought (the driver) was just turning off the road but they kept coming," Ms Horridge said.

"I was like 'what the hell is happening' then there was a bit of fear as they kept coming towards us."

With her 15-year-old brother in the car Ms Horridge quickly pulled over to prevent both of them from potentially being injured.

"It was upsetting to think we could have been in an accident," she said.

She said the one thing she wanted to know was what led the other driver to that situation.

"What choices did they make to drive that vehicle, when they shouldn't have been," she said.

"Why make that choice to put other people at risk?"

She said she hoped there was some sort of prosecution for the other driver.

And her message to all drivers: Expect the unexpected when you're on the roads.

"Make sure everyone's being safe on the road and looking out for one another ... small incidences can have serious impact," Ms Horridge said.

The footage has been given to police, who are expected to investigate the incident.

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