DANIEL Chauntler's older brother Harlee once finished with the best average at an Australian Junior Darts Championship, but Daniel has gone one better.

Although he was not the leader on average, finishing 6th of all competitors, Daniel's 20.763 was enough to eclipse his sibling, and also lead Queensland to the champion state title.

Daniel, 15, made the Queensland state team after finishing third overall at the state championships in Mackay last year, but more than justified his selection for the national titles in Perth.

"We played locally for the Gladstone team, then to Mackay in September to make the state team," Daniel said.

Lured into the sport of darts through his family - Daniel's father Ryan playing for nearly 30 years - the 15-year-old has already been playing for five years.

Still able to play at the junior level for another two years, his 6th in Australia was made more impressive by the level of competition this year.

The average of 20.7 has been good enough for a lot of years to be the best in Australia, and Daniel also rewrote the state team formguide, finishing as the best of the state squad.

"We went good, Queensland won and I was first in the team," Daniel said.

"We played team events and mystery mixes and it is (decided) on averages."

Daniel also hit his second 170 peg, which also happened to be only the fourth in all of the years of the Junior Championships.

Now Daniel is keen to continue emulating his brother and represent Australia overseas, or maybe even go one further and play professionally.

"My goal is to practice more," he said.

"I haven't been lately, but after that (championship win) I want to more," he said.

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