Dance 4 Fun starts classes in Tannum/Boyne

Dance 4 Fun school skips its way across Gladstone region

FIONA GALT'S dream was always to expand her business to the other towns in the region.

This year her dream has become a reality.

The Dance 4 Fun owner/director re-opened her business at the beginning of 2012 with a fresh approach, taking on the management side of things and hiring experienced dance teacher Jaclynn Hodge to teach the students at her Agnes Water Dance School.

So far the students have entertained the community at the 1770 Festival and local football games.

Dance 4 Fun opened a dance school in Baffle Creek in July, followed shortly by classes in Calliope in August.

Professional dancer Jessica Catorc, from Canada, recently joined the Dance 4 Fun team and is the teacher for the school that opened just this month at Boyne Island.

Fiona said Dance 4 Fun has an enrolment of more than 250 students with more people joining every week.

She attributes the popularity of the classes to the fact that people can choose their own dance experience.

"Students can work towards concerts, performances, exams and competitions or just come along to class and dance for fun," she said.

Students aged five years and over at the classes in Calliope, Boyne Island and Baffle Creek are taught a combination of jazz, funk and hip-hop.

Cooper Bax is one of the students who has just started lessons at Boyne Island.

It's the first time the nine-year-old has learnt hip-hop. So far his favourite move is the jack knife, which he learnt last Thursday in class.

"It just looked like fun," he said.


Want to join in on the fun?

New enrolments are welcome at all locations. For more info or to enrol contact Fiona today


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