Dad passed out behind the wheel

A MACKAY father on a cocktail of drugs realised he had passed out behind the wheel after the impact of a crash jolted him awake.

Nursing a broken tooth as he represented himself in court, Scott Aaron Morgan, 35, pleaded guilty to driving while under the influence of liquor or a drug.

Prosecutor Angela Kang tendered to the court Morgan's criminal history, traffic record and roadside test results.

"The suspect drove... onto Bedford Road in Andergrove and as he passed the Puma petrol station he has lost conciseness," Ms Kang said, outlining the facts of the case in court.

During this loss of consciousness Morgan veered his vehicle onto the incorrect side of the road, hit a gutter and crashed into a wooden fence causing him to jolt awake, Ms Kang said.

Shortly after the crash police attended the scene and found Morgan sitting on a footpath close by.

Police observed the defendant was dishevelled in appearance.. Ms Kang said he also was disoriented.

Despite telling police he had not consumed alcohol or drugs in the past 24 hours, Morgan's blood tested positive for endone, amphetamine and methamphetamine.

Morgan, who represented himself, told Magistrate Mark Nolan he regretted his behaviour.

"My apologies to the court, Queensland Police, Queensland Fire and Rescue and Queensland Ambulance for taking up their valuable time. I am absolutely disgusted with my actions," he said.

The court was told Morgan was the sole carer of a child.

"You have an eight-year-old son and you're on a fixed income as a carer. You should not be wasting money on illicit substances," Mr Nolan said.

"You're lucky you weren't killed or injured or that you killed or injured someone else."

Morgan was disqualified from driving for 10 months and fined $1100.

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