Cutting red tape for industry

THE Queensland Government is cutting red tape and streamlining regulatory approval processes in a bid to support a strong resources sector.

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps today introduced the Mines Legislation (Streamlining) Amendment Bill 2012 in State Parliament to achieve a less cumbersome and more efficient regulatory framework.

"Industry leaders have said the Queensland resources sector is currently 'plagued by process' and our international investment reputation is suffering as a result," Mr Cripps said.

"That's why reducing red tape is an essential element of the government's commitment to reform mining and resource tenure management and approvals."

He said the Streamlining Bill is a significant first step towards much-needed modernisation of Queensland's resource legislation framework and the service delivery that underpins it.

The Bill proposes to:

  • modernise the tenure administration system and reduce the time taken for each tenure decision under the Streamlining Approvals Project;
  • clarify legislation so that resource activities (such as exploration) and development activities (such as transport and infrastructure development) can coexist;
  • clarify an application of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to hazardous chemicals and major hazard facilities; and
  • support the delivery of coal seam gas to liquefied natural gas, or CSG-to-LNG, projects in Queensland.

Mr Cripps said a key area of streamlining will be online service delivery through the Department of Natural Resources and Mines web-based 'MyMinesOnline' system.

"Being able to do web-based transactions, including lodgement of permit applications online, will help eliminate red tape and save time.

"Industry will be able to transact business with the Department anywhere there is access to the web; boosting certainty for industry and further improving the state's investment attractiveness by making it easier to do business here.

"The resources industry has been involved in, and has supported, the streamlining approvals project from the outset, and in particular has made a valuable contribution to the development of these online solutions," Mr Cripps said.

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