Mum decides to cut down on sugar for kids' health

A GLADSTONE mum has decided to cut down her kids' sugar intake - just before Easter.

Danni Line, who writes a column for The Observer's sister paper The Community Advocate, said she doubted she would be popular.

Ms Line confessed she was a sugar addict, and had passed the addiction on to one of her kids.


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"My food choices made that possible and now, in the interest of long-term health, I have to change that for both of us," she said.

"It will be baby steps because I'm not tough enough to quit outright."

Ms Line said the scary thing was that she thought she was buying health products.

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"Fruit juice, milk drinks, muesli bars and yoghurt - all recommended as ideal for growing kids and acceptable lunchbox treats," she said.

"And yet they are among the biggest culprits when it comes to containing high amounts of sugar.

"To combat this, the shopping list now consists of better choices, and I'm attempting to bake healthier (with varying results) too.

"We also decided that the Easter Bunny wouldn't bring quite so many chocolate eggs this year, and would add some books or a new movie to the Easter basket instead."

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