LIST: The cost of owning a pet

UNEXPECTED vet costs have left many of The Observer's social networkers with the belief that owning a pet is a costly venture.

Kat Demchenko had a bill of more than $7000 due to her dog's fractured rib, and torn muscle.

She said they did not have pet insurance.


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"It breaks my heart that so many people want responsibility but then when it gets too hard and costly or the pet suddenly doesn't fit their lifestyle are willing to throw it away like an old toy," she wrote.

But Harbour City Vet Clinic veterinary nurse Kerry Huth said while there are costs, most are one off.

"For most animals, desexing is the biggest operation they'll have in their lifetime.

"That's a one-off cost of about $200 that will prevent nasty tumours and unwanted litters," she said.

She said prices for incidents such as broken or fractured bones were variable.

Ms Huth urged residents to vaccinate their dogs too.

"That's what prevents the diseases such as parvovirus, which is common in Gladstone, so when you think about it, it's $80 per year to prevent a disease that most dogs don't survive," she said.


Dog vaccination: $80 annual payment

Euthanisation: $159 is the maximum price, which is for a large dog

Microchipping: $66 one payment

Desexing one payment:

Female cat$165

Male cat$107

Female dog$230-290

Male dog$185-215

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