'Cut water price': Does fluoride removal mean cheaper water?

WITH reference to Mark Barnes' letter (September 12):

Does he believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny if he believes any government cash cow, such as the water board, would provide mass medication, like fluoride, to the citizens of the Gladstone region at no cost?

It would never happen. And if Mark takes the time to read the code of practice for the installation and operation of the dosing system, even with his one eye, he would see that it is a significant cost and would be passed on to the consumers.

Once it is stopped we should not be paying for it, nor for maintenance of the equipment which is now redundant, as should be the trained and licenced operator required by the code of practice.

Gladstone Regional Council should be in negotiations with the water board to receive a reduction in the price of water supplied, and definitely refuse to accept maintenance costs for the redundant equipment.

If Mr Barnes can not find the code of practice on his computer, I can provide him with a copy.

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