Crowd likes it hot at Gladstone race day

THE soaring heat at the Gladstone Race Course didn't deter punters and fashionistas making their way down for a little fun.

Pastel, floral and block vibrant colours were the main fashion theme, mixing and matching different styles and making pieces fresh were most people's tactics.

For most it was their first race day of the year, with many saying the first race day for the year on Valentine's Day conflicted with other plans.

With a good crowd spectators enjoyed the day, most soaking up the heat and staying till the last race finished.

For Annie Cook and her friend Narelle Mallon, vintage clothing fit the bill.

"I'm wearing a dress from T-Leaf, chosen because it's white and has a vintage charm to it and I've accompanied it with a white floral headpiece with a little spring of colour," Annie said.

As for Narelle, great company and the fun-filled atmosphere made the day even more enjoyable.

"I've placed a couple of bets today but I haven't won anything yet."

Unproclaimed "fashion police" Gladstone girls Sally Horner and her friends Annie Hargreaves and Cassie Davis say they love looking at what people wear, create and put together.

Not thinking anything bad about anyone's outfit, the girls take inspiration from what others wear.

"Today was last minute for us, so we didn't plan to come, but it wasn't a big thing to figure out what we were going to wear," Cassie said.

"All I did was buy one new piece which I then incorporated other pieces I already had to it; you spend less money that way.

"We love being able to dress up. It really is the only event you can spend time on your look and get dressed up."

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