Crossroads topic for luncheon

GLADSTONE Area Promotion and Development Limited (GAPDL) have attracted Regional Director of Transport & Main Roads Terry Hill as a guest speaker at their September Business Enterprise luncheon.

The luncheon is being held at the Harvey Road Tavern on September 20 at 11.30am for a 12pm start. 

Mr Hill's topic of discussion is focused on the current development of the Bruce Highway -within Gladstone Region and particularly the Calliope Crossroads.

Mr Hill announced today "The new Calliope Crossroads intersection upgrade will provide for the long-term growth of the Gladstone Region".

"In July 2012, Golding Contractors was announced as the successful construction contractor to join the department in delivering the Calliope Crossroads project. The new Calliope Crossroads will feature a 64m overpass bridge for the Bruce Highway, which when constructed will see the Bruce Highway return to a 100km/h speed limit.  Traffic flow and intersection safety will be significantly improved."

"In total more than $190 million dollars of flood damage reconstruction works and other improvements such as overtaking lanes will be provided on the Bruce Highway between Rockhampton and Miriam Vale (Kolan River) by mid 2014."

GAPDL Chief Executive Officer Glenn Churchill endorsed this major project progress. "The Bruce Highway - Calliope Crossroads has more than 8000 vehicles passing through the intersection each day. It has been the subject of criticism, lobbying, road crashes and travel safe drive research and road awareness campaigns."

"The Bruce Highway is the major road transport artery through our region. It is the lifeblood highway corridor north to south, for rural, industry, tourists, schools buses, grey nomads, local residents and more. It's the major link to east and west; from reef to the rural heartland. People who travel into and through our region have the right to feel safe."

"Sadly, there has been the tragic carnage in the past and any loss of life is unnecessary and the simple message is build better roads - Mr Hill has a long proven track record of successfully delivering major road projects".

"We should be proud of the Bruce Highway; it should be a national pride not a national disgrace. It should be the highway of safe travel, comfort and pleasure. It is great to witness the activity and actions."

"GAPDL together with Gladstone Regional Council and in cooperation with many other advocates have demanded these major developments. It is now actually happening."

"It is quite exciting that the government has developed a plan, put a time limit on it and made it public which allows people in our community to know that its short time chaos, and that any inconvenience from road work is the vital price we pay for positive progress with roadworks."

The Calliope Crossroads construction began in August 2012 and is expected to take two years to complete. To find out more information on this major development register to attend the GAPDL September Business Enterprise Luncheon visit, email or phone GAPDL on 4972 4000

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