SNAP: Plenty of crocodiles have been spotted around Gladstone in past years. Picture: Evan Morgan
SNAP: Plenty of crocodiles have been spotted around Gladstone in past years. Picture: Evan Morgan

CRIKEY: Croc hot spots around Gladstone revealed

A RECENT crocodile sighting in the Gladstone Harbour comes as a reminder for residents to be “crocwise.”

On February 9 a crocodile believed to be 3 metres long was spotted swimming in Gladstone Harbour.

A Department of Environment and Science spokesman said recent rain may have flushed the animal out of a local creek and wildlife officers will continue to monitor the area.

It’s the first spotting reported in 2020, following nine reports in 2019, eight in 2018 and 11 in 2017.

“The Gladstone region is known croc country,” the spokesman said.

“Boaties and fishers are urged to be crocwise while using the water and are asked not to leave any fish scraps at boat ramps.

“Crocodiles that pose a threat to human safety are targeted for removal under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan.”

The most popular place crocodiles have been spotted is the Boyne River with seven reports over the past three years, followed by Calliope river with five.

Under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan, Gladstone is in Zone E general management zone.

This means crocodiles displaying dangerous behaviour are targeted for removal.

The DES spokesman said people are reminded to expect crocodiles in all waterways, even if there is no warning sign, obey all warning signs, be extra cautious around water at night, avoid croc traps, never leave food, fish scraps or bait near water, campsites or boat ramps and never provoke, harass or feed crocodiles.

Croc sighting reports


January 12 – Boyne River

February 18 – Turkey Beach

April 10 – Calliope River, Gladstone

April 14 – Calliope River, River Ranch

April 28 – Boyne River

May 7 – Barney Point

May 30 – Baffle Creek, Gladstone

August 21 – Barney Point Beach

December 18 – Boyne River –


January 7 – Raglan

January 29 – Boyne River, Tannum Sands

March 5 – The Narrows, Gladstone

March 15 – Boyne River, Gladstone

June 6 – Calliope River, Gladstone

August 8 – Boyne River boat ramp, Gladstone

October 24 – Port Curtis

November 18 – Boyne Island/Tannum Sands


April 28 – Boyne Island, near Bray Park Boat Ramp

July 30 – Boyne River

September 27 – Boyne River

September 27 – Calliope River, Gladstone

September 28 – Calliope River, Gladstone

October 4 – Bustard Bay, near Seventeen Seventy

October 7 – Round Hill Creek, Seventeen Seventy

October 7 – Colosseum Inlet, Tannum Sands

October 28 – Toolooa Bends

November 1 – Tannum Sands

November 18 – Oakey Creek, off Calliope River

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