A coffee with... M1 Cycles owner Matt Jenkin

THIS week we have a coffee with M1 Cycles owner Matt Jenkin.

Name: Matt Jenkin

Occupation: M1 Cycles owner

Years lived in Gladstone: 11

What you love about where you live: Everything is close, accessible. The roads are peaceful, the weather is great.

How do you take your favourite drink? A strong black coffee with an extra shot is very closely behind a red wine.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon you can find me…relaxing and doing stuff at home like mowing the lawn. I would've been up at 4am for a ride and in the shop until 1.

When I was young...I went straight into shearing, my family were shearers at Cloncurry. This (the bike shop) is great, I'm home five minutes after work.

I can't remember the last time I…sat back and read a book from start to finish.

My most memorable pets are…my two cats Andy, named after the cyclist Andy Schleck and Lexa, a brand of Trek bike. She's a big fat mamma cat.

My secret talent is…I'm passionate towards the RSPCA and I hate cruelty to animals.

When I feel like splurging, I…love to go to Tasmania. I got married there. I've ridden a lot of the island, and I've even gone just for the weekend.

Sitting down with my mates, having a glass of wine and relaxing on a Sunday…is something I can't live without.

To keep fit and healthy I…obviously ride, but I'm very careful these days about what I put in my mouth.

The best piece of wisdom I've been told is…be nice to the people on your way up, you might need them on your way down.

What are you spruiking? If I can change somebody's life who walks into my shop for the better, then I've done my bit.

It's about helping people get to the next level and create a cycling culture.

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