Why this little local brewery is catching CUB, XXXX

THE major beer manufacturers are losing control of the market with alcohol consumption at a 50-year low as baby boomers cut back and people under 30 focus on fitness and health like never before.

An IBISWorld market report revealed that beer manufacturing is in a state of flux with traditional beer declining and craft beer growing.

One of those companies tapping into the craft segment is Baffle Creek Brewery as small beer companies now account for 8.9% of the industry revenue, up from 5.7% in 2010-11.

The IBISWorld report stated the premium craft beers' increased per-unit prices had offset national declining consumption.


Baffle Creek Brewery co-owner and manager Beatrice Kangler said that was her business model with the Gladstone region brewery producing the same amount of beer a year as the bigger companies produce in a fortnight.

"We don't need the large volumes because we're trying to produce quality," she said. "You don't drink much but you drink better."

Baffle Creek Brewery started in March 2015 by German couple Beatrice and her husband and master brewer Bert.

The couple chose Baffle Creek because it was between Gladstone and Bundaberg and there were no craft breweries in the region.

The move has paid off with the couple catering for Oktoberfest events at Great Keppel Island, Rockhampton and Gladstone in the past two weeks. They have another in Bundaberg this weekend.

"Right at the moment we're very busy," Beatrice said.

"But it is seasonal. Winter is quiet and summer is busy."

Beatrice said Oktoberfest doesn't make them feel homesick but they do enjoy the pretzels and German sausages.

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