WHILE CQFC Energy may be turning their fortunes around on the field, financial troubles have sparked worries off the park.

On Sunday, Energy board members met with Football Queensland CEO Geoff Foster in Rockhampton to lay their cards on the table, CQFC chairman Robert Schwarten said.


Robert Schwarten
Robert Schwarten

"The original people who put a bid in for NPL (National Premier League) licence forecast we would see about $50,000 from our members and so on but so far this year, we have seen about $10,000 and we are owed $20,000 by our own members," Schwarten said.


"Our number one issue of concern is the lack of community support reflected in the bulk of fees owing to the club," he added.

The situation of having members as creditors and not meeting the requirements of the bid was not acceptable to Football Queensland and put the club's NPL licence at risk, in the inaugural year of the new competition.

But rather than bury their heads in the sand, Schwarten said it was essential the board let Football Queensland know where they stood, and what they were trying to do to rectify the situation.

"We will be writing to parents who owe fees explaining the ramifications and that it is a real live issue... a club is only as good as its supporters and members want it to be and we're being let down by our members."

The chairman added he and the board would hate to see the club lose its licence.

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... it's been a terrible year with the heavy rain disrupting the start of the year, the resignation of the coach and losing the chairman, and the enormous disgruntlement from people who are not prepared to do anything themselves to help the club."

Some board members had already forked out a lot of their own money to help the club out, and Schwarten said they were all doing everything they could to stop CQFC losing its licence. The worrying financial news came at the end of the season and on the back of two wins on the trot for the Energy.

"Full marks to the coach (Ray Wood), the team are winning g... the potential is enormous," Schwarten said.

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