Court hears of armed robbery

THE trial of Tony Ralph Franicevic began in the Gladstone District Court yesterday.

The defendant is facing one count of armed robbery and a jury was sworn in yesterday afternoon.

Crown Prosecutor Shawn Gordon presented the prosecution’s opening statement.

The prosecution alleged that on August 4, 2008, a man rushed into Golden Chicken at Clinton wearing dark clothes with his face hidden.

The man produced a knife and demanded money from the young shop assistant.

The money was handed over and the man fled.

Witness Kate Greave was working behind the counter at the time of the robbery.

Sheldon Williamson and Alexander Richardson were just behind her and customer Corinne Edwards was standing to the right of the counter.

The witnesses described the man as being tall and of olive complexion, Mr Gordon said.

The court heard witness Annette Saville was across the road when she saw two people get out of a car and one man went into Golden Chicken.

She identified the driver of the car as Noelene Nicholl, who was known to her.

Mr Gordon said Ms Nicholl admitted to police she was the driver of the car and went on to identify the defendant as the man who committed the robbery.

She said she didn’t know him very well but knew the other people in the car very well.

When police attended Franicevic’s home they found him wearing dark clothing and also found other dark clothing which had just been washed.

Present in the house with Franicevic was Alan Jones and his son Luke Jones whom Ms Nicholl had identified as being in the car with her at the time of the robbery.

“Each strand of evidence alone is not enough to make a conviction, but put all the strands together and they fit perfectly,” said Mr Gordon.

The trial continues in the District Court at 10am today.

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