Council's plan for future

IT will be a complex document to deal with numerous planning issues facing Gladstone region, from lack of commercial/industrial land to whether to encourage growth in the villages that have limited water and sewerage infrastructure.

About 20 people attended a community consultation meeting at the Gladstone Entertainment Centre last night where the Gladstone Regional Council outlined what needs to be addressed in its draft planning scheme, yet to be drawn up.

The council has a planning discussion paper, “Our Place, Our Plan”, out for public comment until August 13.

Last night’s meeting provided attendees the opportunity to raise issues ranging from the lack of commercial/industrial land; cost of headworks on top of land prices of $180,000; issues surrounding proposed 250 square metre allotments; building heights; lack of planning for Gladstone CBD; and, pressure to select a site for another regional retail shopping complex within the next 20 years.

The Clinton ULDA aims to get up to 30 dwellings per hectare with lots from 250 square metres to 640sq m.

Council’s Strategic Planning manager Doug Betts said he expected there would be two to three-storey dwellings going on 250sq m lots.

He said the walls of the dwellings would be so close together, heat would be reflected into neighbouring buildings, yet people were being told to design houses to capture breezes.

One meeting attendee said by the look of the plan presented at the meeting, people would be able to reach out their window and touch their neighbour’s wall.

“We will never have affordable housing in Gladstone because it costs too much for infrastructure, let alone paying $180,000 for a block of land,” the meeting attendee said.

Another attendee said they feared Clinton ULDA would be “tomorrow’s slum”.

Mr Betts said the council was encouraging all Gladstone region residents to voice their concerns or put forward what they would like to see in the plan.

Residents can put in electronic submissions through the council’s website or paper submissions at council offices.

Further stories about some of the issues raised for individual areas of the region will be in tomorrow’s Observer.

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