POWER PLAY: 'Gladstone will suffer most'

DEPUTY Mayor Chris Trevor has called out the State Government after it was announced the south-east corner of the state would again reap the benefits due to the "political power base" their geographic location provides.

Yesterday Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the sunshine state would get a reprieve from consistently high electricity prices. Or so we thought.

The amendment means Alinta Energy will enter the market in partnership with Queensland Government- owned CS Energy, leading to potential discounts of up to $350 per household in south-east Queensland, but not the rest of the state.


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The Labor Government's move to force an electricity price war among retailers in south-east Queensland was labelled a political and discriminatory ploy against central Queenslanders by the councillor, who said he was unimpressed with the Federal and State Governments and that their announcement was just that - an announcement.

"First they gouge us and then they make this 'wonderful' announcement, a hoodwink to make us feel good for a second ... it's a political manoeuvre designed to win support at a time when power prices are crippling Australian people," Cr Trevor said.

"It's very disheartening because it doesn't ease CQ's pain even one iota. We're being discriminated against because of politics. It does nothing to help suffering people ... our major industries, single parents, our pensioners," he said.

"There are (pensioners) going to suffer a double whammy ... the people that built this country. As an Australian I feel very embarrassed with how this is being handled."

The deputy mayor directly targeted Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his role in the decision, saying the stones being cast at the State Government were aimed at the PM as well.

"All he's done is had a bit of a pow-wow with energy bosses. It's childish and it makes me sick in the guts," Cr Trevor said.

Cr Trevor said electricity prices were the first thing people ask him about wherever he goes.

"This issue gets me stirred up because it's us who see people in tears over this. It's here that desperate business owners are going broke."

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The councillor warned if new legislation in regards to energy regulation wasn't passed, the region's major industries would close and Gladstone would be a "ghost town" in 10 years time.

"Gladstone will suffer the most in the whole of Australia," he declared.

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