Council throws support behind Fatality Free Friday campaign

GLADSTONE Regional Council is urging motorists to drive safely and help play a part in driving down the road toll.

The council has thrown its support behind the nation-wide initiative Fatality Free Friday on May 30.

The campaign focuses on keeping the nation's roads fatality-free on that Friday.

It highlights road safety and calls for a community commitment to help reduce the number of road fatalities.

Since starting in 2007, the Fatality Free Friday campaign has become Australia's only national community based road safety program.

Gladstone Region Mayor Gail Sellers said it took a personal commitment from every motorist to help stop the carnage and trauma on our roads.

"I am calling on everyone to pledge their support to Fatality Free Friday," Cr Sellers said.

"Any fatality on our roads is a tragedy and that is why it is important motorists drive to the conditions and regulations and ensure they do the right thing.

"Wear your seatbelt, do not speed, do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, take regular breaks on a long, do not drive fatigued, and make sure you are not distracted while driving."

While the campaign focuses on keeping roads fatality-free on May 30, motorists are reminded to keep the road safety message alive every time they get behind the wheel.

Residents are encouraged to make their pledge, either by signing one of the inflatable cars touring the state, or online at

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