Council steps up pet rego campaign

GLADSTONE Regional Council will step up its campaign to ensure all animals are correctly registered.

Come next year animal control staff will begin doorknocking across the region in a bid to identify pet owners who are yet to register their dogs and cats.

While a majority of pet owners are doing the ‘right thing’ by registering, desexing and microchipping their animals, council has confirmed there is still a large number ignoring these requirements and recommendations for responsible animal ownership.

Gladstone Regional Council Director of Environment and Regulation Ron Doherty said animal management was not getting any easier for the council.

“Last year a total of 9258 animals were registered with council,” Mr Doherty said.

“However, it is a little bit alarming that of the 988 animals rescued last financial year – 911 of these were not registered.

“It just shows there are a lot of animals out there not registered or not registered correctly.”

These latest revelations coincide with the current issuing of registration notices to registered pet owners.

Council is offering Gladstone region pet owners a saving of 25 per cent on registration fees by making full payments before November 1.

Pet registration is required by law, with all pet dogs and cats to be registered and microchipped when purchased or given away under the State Government’s Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.

The council’s Environment and Regulation portfolio spokesman, Cr Col Chapman, said a microchip implant ensured owners and their pets could be reunited, even if the animal’s collar or council registration tag has been removed.

“Microchip barcodes are linked to pet owner contact details and recorded on a microchip registry database for the life of their pets, giving it permanent identification Australia-wide,” Cr Chapman said.

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