Recap of the highlights of the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s October 28 meeting. Photo: File
Recap of the highlights of the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s October 28 meeting. Photo: File

COUNCIL RECAP: Highlights from this week’s meeting

A HINKLER deal update, natural burials, renaming a community landmark, the return of the time cannon and road safety were among the top topics in Wednesday’s council meeting.

Part of the regional deal discussion was about where was best to build the new council administration centre and library in Hervey Bay.

It was recommended co-location of council facilities at Main Street as the preferred option with co-location at Hillyard Street as the second option.

Cr David Lee said the Hinkler Regional Deal supported a range of projects that would help build on the region’s strengths to grow the economy and provide more long term job opportunities on the Fraser Coast.

“The Hinkler Regional Deal provides a once in a generation opportunity to revitalise the heart of Hervey Bay and make the Pialba CBD the city’s primary destination for commercial activity, cultural engagement, education and social recreation,” he said.

Councillor Jade Wellings said “I prefer to see a co-location of the buildings regardless of the site, I have a preference for Main St.”

“I think it better achieves the goal of activating a CBD in the Pialba area.”

At the meeting, Councillor Paul Truscott moved a motion to request an investigation into options for a Natural Burial site within council cemeteries.

“This is a good concept, a number of people have hand an interest in this over the years and this is the important first step as part of this,” Cr Truscott said.

“It think its about providing that option for people.”

The motion was passed unanimously.

There was a push to rename Ululah Lagoon Well colloquially known as the “the glory hole.”

Councillor Paul Truscott said the infrastructure had been in place for more than 140 years, serving its purpose but its current name was unflattering.

“I’d like to propose the name Lions Falls for it, as well as placing it on the local heritage register,” he said.

The motion passed unanimously.

Councillor Truscott moved another motion before the meeting, to reintroduce the time cannon to the weekly Maryborough markets.

The cannon had been removed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Cr Truscott said the firing of the cannon was a historic tradition of Maryborough and should “be returned as soon as possible.”

Councillor David Lewis questioned whether there was financial implications with the firing of the cannon and the workplace health and safety arrangement.

The motion was carried with eight councillors for and one against.

Councillor James Hansen presented a motion to the council to direct the CEO to provide a report on vehicle crashes on Beelbi Creek Road over the last five years and possible works to improve safety.

Mr Hansen said this was prompted by the recent death of a motorist on the unsealed road, and massive community engagement following the crash including a 700-signature petition.

“Given the number of people who signed the petition, it is important to get the stats … and progress it through each budget and get works on it,” he said.

Full stories on some of the big issues from the meeting including the new council headquarters site will be on the site later today and Friday morning.

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