Council pushes for postal voting at next election

RESIDENTS might not need to line up at polling booths at the next council election, with Gladstone council's CEO pushing for postal voting across the region.

CEO Stuart Randle said making postal voting available to the whole region could save the council "tens of thousands of dollars" spent employing dozens of booth workers at 23 locations.

A unanimous vote for the idea at this week's council meeting should draw a response from the Minister for Local Government before Christmas, he said.

At the 2012 election more than one-quarter of registered votes were sent in by post before the election.

That got councillors thinking about giving residents an alternative.

"There's a lot of shift work and people working long hours and sometimes it's not easy to get to a polling booth," Mr Randle said.

A long-term resident in the area, Dulcie Benn, said the change would be convenient for most of the population.

"As long as it could be done securely I think that would be very convenient. It would save a lot of work on the day," she said.

"If you are out at a farm and an hour from the nearest school, it would save costs."

Ms Benn also volunteers at election time, handing out pamphlets.

"It would save a lot of paper."

A report reviewed at the meeting read financial savings would come from reductions to staffing, printing, venues and stationery.

Deputy mayor Matt Burnett said it was important the council catered to the actions of the public during election time.

"People want to pre-poll and move to postal and I think we need to move with the people," he said.

Do you support full postal voting at the next election?

This poll ended on 31 December 2014.

Current Results

Yes, it would be convenient and save money


No. I like going to the booths


No. Where would I get my Saturday morning sausage sizzle?


Yes. We're all busy people


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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