Committee will help council enable region's economic growth

A NEED for long-term planning of investment in the Gladstone region has led the council to establish a new advisory committee.

At a general meeting on Tuesday, Gladstone Regional Council finalised terms of reference for the Innovation, Sustainability and Opportunity Advisory Committee.

Cr Karen Porter is one of two councillors to be appointed to the committee.

"We have been fortunate in recent years to have had an injection of millions of dollars into our economy through the construction of LNG processing facilities as well as a coal export terminal," said Cr Parker, who is also the council's economic development strategy spokesman.

"In the coming years, we will see business and industry stabilise as the projects move to operational phases."

Creating local jobs and supporting businesses in the region will be a focus of the committee's work. A vision for innovation, sustainability and opportunity will be developed for the council.

"It will also make recommendations on council's role in innovation, sustainability and opportunity, both internally and externally, and identify projects or strategies that achieve the purpose," said Cr Porter.

Two community representatives will join Cr Porter and Cr Col Chapman.

The committee will help Gladstone Regional Council prepare for future economic growth avenues.

"Council looks forward to working with business and industry to identify priority projects and strategies to enable our economy to continue to grow with confidence."

The committee's formation follows recent discussion of growth industries.

Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd said the Gladstone region had a vibrant future.

"Gladstone region businesses are uniquely positioned to benefit from the current wave of mining and construction, but are also preparing to diversify further to ensure their business is prepared for future opportunities in the growth pockets of technology, tourism and preventative health and wellness."

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