Residents rate Gladstone council performance

GLADSTONE Regional Council has a fair bit of work to do, especially in outlying areas, if this week's street poll is anything to go by.

We asked 40 people the question, "What areas does council represent well, and where could it improve?"

Many people suggested that more needed to be done in the outlying areas, and others voiced their opinions about the quality of the facilities in the city, as well as in the wider region.

It's not all bad though. Praise has been awarded to the efforts to keep the gardens in the region in good shape, and our parks come in for special attention from many.

Representation in rural areas is a matter of concern for many, and no doubt they are hoping that issue may be resolved in some way when a new councillor is appointed.

Here are some of the responses featured in Wednesday's Observer double-page spread.

Will Miller: They need to fix roads in the back streets of Gladstone.

John McBeth: Calliope needs work. Everything takes too long. The new park goes all right.

Susan Winning: I live in West Gladstone and there's some nice spots put in by the council for picnics and family meetings.

Hayden de Vries: I live in town and they do an all right job. Just need more skate stuff.

Carol Scott: They haven't got bowling or roller skating for kids. There should be more things for kids to do in our whole region.

Del and Brian Ellingsen: Doing more things in outlying areas. We are from Mount Larcom and they don't give us enough service.

Russell Faulkner: East Shores is the best thing they have done for kids. I don't think they have enough places for families to go at night.

Abbey Hedger: The marina is always kept pretty nice, but I think Barney Point needs some work done.

Mary Najafi: The new parks are well looked after. I think they should focus on the road surfaces, especially in Barney Point.

Pedro Wakefield: There are good parks around town, but I think the intersections needs improving. We need more signage for speed limits.

Frank Noonan: They don't represent us at all because we don't even have a councillor for Miriam Vale.

Lester Turnbull: They do a lot for the rural and city areas, like the 24-hour call centre.

Marcie Rickman: I have had dealings with the council and they were brilliant. I was bowled over by them.

Pick up a copy of Wednesday's Observer for more responses.

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