Council is caught short on land

A PROPOSED sale of state land to the Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) led to Gladstone Regional Council being unable to make a decision at yesterday’s council meeting.

The Council, for the first time under the new Local Government Act, did not have a quorum, which is required for councillors to be able to move a motion in the chambers.

Acting Mayor Gail Sellers, Craig Butler and Rick Hansen had to declare material personal interests in the matter as they are all members of the GAWB.

Gladstone Regional Council, which has nine elected councillors, needs at least five councillors in the chamber to form a quorum. With one position vacant at the moment, and Cr Matt Burnett absent, there were not five councillors left in the chambers to form a quorum.

Councillors then had two options – request exemption of MPIs to be able to deal with the matter from the Minister for Local Government Desley Boyle, or delegate power to the council’s chief executive officer Graeme Kanofski to make a decision.

“Can we delay the decision-making process until we have a quorum,” Cr Maxine Brushe asked.

However, the councillors decided to delegate authority to Mr Kanofski to deal with the matter.

“We had to come up against it one day,” Cr Sellers said.

The state land matter dealt with two parcels of land the department of Environment and Resource Management proposes to freehold and sell to GAWB. The first parcel includes a park reserve along with a portion of road reserve.

The second parcel is contained within a road reserve near the Gladstone-Mt Larcom Rd and Landing Road intersection.

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