Council to ask for flood road funding to be redirected

GLADSTONE Regional Council will ask the State Government to consider redirecting $1.3 million of approved disaster mitigation funding to help reduce isolation of the Boyne Valley during flooding.

Gladstone Region Mayor Gail Sellers said the council was seeking to redirect Royalties for the Regions funding for the Gladstone Monto Road-Awoonga Dam Bypass Road project towards improvements on Blackmans Gap Road.

"The revised project addresses the same flooding concern but offers a more viable option to upgrade four sites on Blackmans Gap Road," Cr Sellers said.

"Building resilience and protecting Blackmans Gap Road from flood damage would provide more chance of a passable road after flood waters subside, and help reduce the duration of community isolation caused by flooding.

"The upgrade would offer residents of the Boyne Valley a robust, alternative option, although a slightly longer travelling distance to access the Bruce Highway."

Cr Sellers said the proposal to divert the project to Blackmans Gap Road followed consultation with Boyne Valley community representatives.

"The original submission was to bypass the Monto Road near the Nellie Simpson intersection, providing a route during flood events for restricted use by emergency vehicles only," she said.

"In comparison, improvements to Blackmans Gap Road would offer a non-restricted road linkage which would be more beneficial to motorists all year round.

"As well, the grade of the existing catchment allows a faster rise and fall of water along the Blackmans Gap alignment enabling road access two to three days after a flood event."

The council's chief executive officer will advise the State Government of the council's support for the funding redirection, with information required to be supplied to enable full consideration of the proposal. 

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