Adult quad bikes too dangerous for kids: Coroner

DEPUTY State Coroner John Lock has recommended the Queensland Government create a law that stops children under 16 years old using adult quad bikes.

He handed down the findings from the inquiry into quad bike-related deaths in Queensland, which included the deaths of nine people, including children and adults.

Mr Lock said children aged 6-16 should be allowed to use youth-sized quad bikes but not adult-sized.

He also said children under 16 years old shouldn't be passengers on adult-sized sit-astride quad bikes.

In his findings, Mr Lock said figures showed 17% of all quad bike deaths were children under 16 years old.

Of the 24 deaths recorded, nine of these children were under six years old.

He referred to an article from the Australian Medical College National Trauma Committee, which stated children were more vulnerable to injury or death from quad bike accidents because a child's inability to react quickly in dangerous situations and lack of experience.

"There is currently no legislative framework in Queensland specifically prohibiting parents or guardians from allowing children to ride adult-sized quad bikes and SSVs (that weight between 200-400kg plus)," Mr Lock said.

He also recommended all quad bike riders should undergo training and that a licensing scheme be introduced. 

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