Documentary to expose coral bleach is killing reef

THE first of David Attenborough's three-part series documentary on the Great Barrier Reef will be screened on Australian TVs this month.

The first look at the series in Australia will be on April 10 on ABC.

While it's been dubbed as a great opportunity for a tourism boom, it's also expected to show the bleak reality of the reef's health.

Just last month, the worst reef report to date was released.

The reef's most pristine section in the north, now has been 95% white bleached, according to the survey undertaken by the National Coral Bleaching Taskforce.

Speaking at a screening of his documentary in London, Mr Attenborough said it was time to take action.

"It's a very serious threat that the reef is facing," he said

"The issue is going to be rather quicker than the next generation or so.

"The issue is, in fact, the changes of the ocean and the speed at which the planet is changing.

"Within the next 10-20 years that issue will be real.

"It's real now but it will be imminent unless we manage to control the warming of the planet to within two degrees," he said.

The naturalist said he once dreamed of visiting the Great Barrier Reef.

Yet during filming in 2013, he realised the true human and environmental impact that it was facing.

"I first went to the Barrier Reef in 1957," Attenborough said at the event.

"I was on my way to New Guinea and it seemed like a marvellous opportunity.

"I dreamt of the Barrier Reef as a boy.

"When people ask where my favourite place in the world is, I start off by saying home but if I'm not home where will I be?

"I not only say this on this occasion, but on many occasions, North Queensland.

"North Queensland is a wonderful place - it has everything.

"It has mountains, tropical rainforests, The Barrier Reef.

"It has wonderful creatures that occur nowhere else.

"It's a great place," said the 89-year-old icon of wildlife documentary making.

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