Cops held up by shoelace tie-up

STANLEY Barry Hull deliberately stopped in the middle of the road and squatted down to tie his sneaker lace - bringing a police car to an abrupt stop.

His non-smart behaviour has tied the teenager up in Gladstone Magistrates Court where Hull, 17, attended to plead guilty to public nuisance, assaulting a police officer and obstructing another officer at Tannum Sands on June 6.

Sgt Pepe Gangemi said mobile police saw a group of 10 young people walking at 6.30pm that day and when they saw the officers began yelling abuse.

Some householders turned their lights on to see what the commotion was and people in the group swore as police drove along Marloo Drive.

Sgt Gangemi some walkers got off the road as the police vehicle approached but Hull looked at the officers then stepped into the middle of the road and knelt on his left knee and bent down, stopping the vehicle while he tied his shoe lace.

As Hull tried to catch up to mates, police called for him to stop but Hull pulled his arm away from one officer telling him to get f*cked.

Sgt Gangemi said Hull had to be physically restrained and put in the secure pod of the police vehicle where he began kicking walls.

Later as he got out of the pod Hull used both hands to push one officer in the chest.

Duty layer Jun Pepito said alcohol was a factor as although the 17-year-old was not meant to be drinking he had been at a hotel watching the football.

He was unemployed and looking for a carpentry apprenticeship.

Magistrate Penelope Hay said his behaviour was concerning and demonstrated a lack of respect toward police.

"You seem to think it's a witty thing to do," she said.

However, Ms Hay then asked him a series of questions about if he or friends were in trouble who would he call for help: "the police because it's their job," Hull sheepishly replied.

"Is it their job then to be harassed," she asked.

"No," Hull said.

Putting Hull further on the spot about his bad behaviour, Ms Hay questioned him whether when he once worked at a supermarket it was his job to be abused, and if not why then should he and his mates abuse police officers doing their job.

"There was nothing smart or clever Mr Hull. Your age, immaturity is no excuse," she said.

Hull was put on a six month Probation Order supervised by Corrective Services.

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