Cops catch Bundy man showing off granddad's loaded gun

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WHEN Bundaberg detectives dropped in to visit Kye Mulvena, he was found at home with a loaded pistol and hundreds of bullets.

Mulvena, unlicenced for firearms, was showing the pistol to a mate.

Mulvena, 28, a concretor and plasterer, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of weapons on May 25, having drug utensils, and not having authority to possess explosives - ammunition.

Prosecutor Snr Cnst Tina Bland said police received information about cannabis and methylamphetamine and went to his home at 9.30am.

A search found a Norinco 22" 7.62mm handgun that was loaded with one round of ammunition.

Along with a rifle barrel were 292 .22 bullets, 23 bullets for a 7.62mm handgun, 15 bullets for a .270 calibre rifle, seven bullets for a 9mm handgun and six empty shells, two metal cone pipes, a set of scales and a grinder.

"He says the handgun was found in his backyard recently and cleaned it up. And the ammunition he had collected over time," Snr Cnst Bland said.

"He says the pipes he used to smoke cannabis."

When magistrate Belinda Merrin queried whether any children were living at the house, defence lawyer John Dodd said two children did visit but Mulvena instructs that he usually stored items in a gun safe bolted to a wall.

Mr Dodd said Mulvena had disassociated himself from people using drugs, and the utensils had been left-over from when he did smoke.

"He began collecting bullets as a child going out hunting with his grandfather. Any found he would pick up and add to his collection," Mr Dodd said.

"He did not find the pistol but got it from his grandfather. When he died it was found in a box.

"He didn't know how to use it."

Mr Dodd said Mulvena was not aware a bullet was in it. And being a family heirloom Mulvena believes the pistol could have been from World War 2.

Ms Merrin said this Mulvena's third appearance in court since December where he had been charged over a restricted item, and been sentenced for a drug driving charge and disqualified for two years.

Then in June he had been caught driving.

"It was an unfortunate coincidence that the one time you had left it out (pistol) police turn up," Ms Merrin also said.

Mulvena was fined $1500 over the weapon and ammunition offences, and sentenced to 12 months of supervised probation for the drug offence.

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