Controversial game lands Gladstone man in hot water

FEATHERS were ruffled when a seemingly innocent game had a Gladstone couple spend a night behind bars.

Police won't say if it is a problem or likely to become one, but a new phone app game led to the events which had a Gladstone man before court this week.

Luke Anthony Woods, 33, pleaded guilty at the Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday to one charge of obstructing police in their line of duties, and the contravention of a direct order from police.

Police were called the pair's residence about 8.30pm on April 16 after reports of screams and shouting that neighbours thought was a domestic issue..

However, what police didn't realise was that the screams were part of a game called Chicken Scream.

HOT WATER: A screenshot from Chicken Scream.
HOT WATER: A screenshot from Chicken Scream. Google Play

The phone app game calls on players to use their voices, by shouting and screaming, which prompts a character to move.

The court heard when police arrived on scene, the pair became verbally argumentative with police, causing Woods' partner to be detained.

Woods was separated from his girlfriend as police attempted to arrest her.

Defence lawyer Axel Beard said complications arose for his client when he saw three police officers use "force" to restrain his girlfriend.

Mr Beard said his client did not believe there was a need for "three, six-foot tall" police officers to restrain his "45kg girlfriend".

Multiple times he tried to push past the officers to reach his girlfriend, who was struggling against police, Mr Beard said.

His client snapped however, and pushed past police completely when his girlfriend was "thrown" to the ground by officers.

Both were arrested and taken to the watch-house. Upon Woods' release the next morning, the court heard he began to pester staff in the police station foyer, in an attempt to gain the badge numbers of the arresting officers.

He was told to leave by staff at the front desk after repeatedly pressing the buzzer and was charged when he refused.

Woods told the court that in relation to the offending the night prior, he was simply trying to "diffuse" the situation.

"We had been drinking and my girlfriend wasn't handling the presence of the police at our house very well, and was being difficult," he said.

"But she is only 45kg and there were three huge officers being rough with her inappropriately. I knew I could calm her and the situation down, but the police wouldn't let me, and when I saw her get pushed to the ground I lost it."

Visiting Magistrate Ross Woodford said the height of the officers had nothing to do with it, and said he should not have interfered.

"The police have a very hard job at times," Mr Woodford said. "It doesn't make it easier when people try to interfere."

Woods was given a global fine for both charges of $700, a conviction was recorded.

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