Annika Popp with her first barramundi as she teams up with “Team Floppy Hat” and Sir Johnny Mitchell.
Annika Popp with her first barramundi as she teams up with “Team Floppy Hat” and Sir Johnny Mitchell. Contributed

Conditions improve leading into a perfect day on Sunday

AT last, a break in the weather! Most of you by now with be well aware and have your weekend planned out, with conditions on the improve by the day.

Tonight we should see the conditions continue to settle and by Saturday lunch time the winds will be consistently 10-15 knots.

Come Sunday morning, the sun will be rising over a glistening sea as glassy conditions are forecast right through to possibly mid-afternoon.

I have friends slipping out to Heron Island for the weekend, and to be honest they are jagging the weather for one of thee nicest spots in Australia...have a nice weekend Paul and Fiona Jacklin - married 30 years recently.

Sunday is definitely the pick of the days, and if you didn't slip out on Saturday afternoon then kick the motor in the guts really early, and fish the rising tide from about sunrise through until 10-ish or just after.

Once the tide starts to ebb, the current will certainly pick up, and fishing the bottom will be difficult, but that's if the fish haven't gone off the bite by then.

Full moon lunar phases, mean big tides, but as Pat Laws says, "no run… no fun."

Those last two hours of the run-in are probably the pick of the times, or the last two hours of the run-out, but the current does need to slow up somewhat.

This past week is one where many have had to make do with fishing the more sheltered water ways like the harbour, its creeks, and river systems.

The place is alive with fish though, from excellent threadfin, or king salmon, through to barra, black jew, mangrove jack, finger mark perch and bream.

The Popps once again spent a day with Sir Johnny Mitchell, and this time they took along young Annika.

Now Annika had never caught a barra until this moment, and as you can see in the picture she'd teamed up with Johnny in "Team Floppy Hat" to get this one on board (74cm) for a photo.

It's a very cool moment to be with your kids, when they not only catch their first barra, but even just their first fish, and most of us parents can recall those days.

The Boyne Tannum HookUp is all about just that, bringing mates, and families together, to not only enjoy what our wonderful region has to offer, but also to get the kids out and wetting a line.

This year, like all the others, there are unlimited junior entries and we want as many kids as possible taking up the spot.

There is huge focus on catch and release and only keeping what you want to eat so that we can catch it again when it's a bit bigger, or after it's bred a few more of that species.

Saturday, March 22, being a week away, is when the 2014 edition of this wonderful event is launched at Bray Park.

If you have some time nip down to Bray Park Boyne Island and enter yourselves and your family.

There are beaut prizes up for grabs on the opening day only for those who come to the park so there are pretty good odds of winning something.

In years gone by they have given away large flat-screen TVs and more.

We have some colourful characters in our region like Adele and Lyall Armstrong, who operate the business at the Calliope River NRG boat ramp.

I was there the other day as they asked me to put their building and property on the market, and you couldn't help but listen to the stories that they have collected over those years, but they would like to retire, and the business to get a fresh set of arms and legs of someone who is more energetic and great ideas.

These guys fall into the Patsy Lee calibre, as we nicknamed the ramp in front of their shop as Armstrong's Boat Ramp.

Finally for those going out this weekend, please ensure that you log onto VMR Gladstone, ensure that your EPIRB is up to scratch and that you have all your safety gear on board.

If you need to throw out-of-date flares away do it at VMR Gladstone or VMR Roundhill so they get disposed of correctly.

I want some photos of big fish next week!

Email them to me at

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