Concerns over air allegations

THE compromised air quality allegations recently made by a former Australian air-testing company scientist have raised concerns within Gladstone industry circles.

Besides allegations of compromised data, the scientist says he saw large companies go from struggling to pass compliance tests to easily passing environmental standards.

He alleges the Department of Environment and Resource Management is not sufficiently regulating compliance to standards.

General manager operations Boyne Smelters Guy Fortin said he supported the announcement of an investigation into the accuracy of emissions sampling data.

“These claims need to be investigated to provide us all with assurance that the accredited bodies which analyse this data are meeting the strict standards,” he said.

Gladstone Industry Leadership Group chief executive Kurt Heidecker said if the claims were found to be genuine then the government had to take unequivocal action.

“It is disappointing that the credibility of the Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone (CHAG) study has been brought into question by these allegations,” Mr Heidecker said.

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