Lockdown concerns noted, school says

CLINTON State School will "take on board" concerns about the lack of timely communication during Thursday's school lockdown.

The Gladstone school went into temporary lockdown at lunch time on Thursday after reports of a young boy assaulting several adults on school grounds.

Many parents were still in the dark on Thursday evening about the incident, relying on information they had heard from their children at the school gate.

A statement released to The Observer yesterday and attributed to acting principal Heidi James said each school had its own lockdown procedure and processes based on departmental guidelines.

"Communication with parents is just one of the steps a school will take following a lockdown," the statement read.

"The school is understanding of parental concern regarding the timely communication of these instances, and will take that on board for future."

Parent Kelli Abell was relieved to hear the school had acknowledged there was an issue in communication.

She said she hadn't been impressed with the way the aftermath of the incident involving a student was handled.

"In no way did we expect to be notified whilst the incident was occurring and getting dealt with, but after the fact, we, as parents, should have been the first to know," she said.

"We are grateful to the school staff for putting our children's safety first.

"The way they handled the incident is spot on, and we as parents couldn't ask for anything more.

"The issue is with the lack of communication after the fact."

She said informing parents via Facebook eight hours later wasn't acceptable.

But parent Lisa Ann Chadwick said she didn't "deem it necessary for the school to send out texts to every parent".

"I believe the school could have been bombarded with parents and... that would have only created more havoc and stress on the students," she said.

"(The school was) offering counselling to those students (yesterday morning) who needed some extra comfort.

"I applaud the principal and staff for teaching the kids safe practices at school. My daughter felt safe at all times."

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