Land owners will be compensated for gas wells.
Land owners will be compensated for gas wells.

Compensation to be revealed for allowing gas wells in Qld

LAND owners will learn, within 12 months, how much they should be paid for allowing gas firms to operate wells on their properties.

The Queensland GasFields Commission released its goals for the coming year, as it cements its place as a mediator between government, land-owners and the gas industry.

Its plan is distilled into six areas including community and business, gas industry development, land access, local government and infrastructure, science and research and water management.

The commission met with communities in Roma on Wednesday to discuss its ambitions.

Chairman John Cotter said the goals would help the commission keep up with the rapidly expanding gas industry, particularly where it was booming in south-west Queensland.

"For example, under our land access portfolio we intend to establish a confidential database of Conduct and Compensation Agreements to extract case studies and information that can help level the playing field for landholders when negotiating with gas companies," he said.

The secrecy surrounding those agreements has occasionally created suspicions as there has been little indication of how much landholders should expect in the deals.

There will also be a review of whether coal seam gas water guidelines are working properly.

Detail on the plan is available at

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