Company defends procedures after $50k fraud

THE company involved in a $50,000 fraud case has defended the procedures it has in place to prevent crime.

Former employee Bruce Alfred Little was found guilty and jailed on Thursday after he ripped off Monadelphous through the misuse of company assets.

Monadelphous has moved to clarify any questions that may might have arisen from the trial.

Little was found guilty of dishonestly gaining benefits, estimated to be worth more than $50,000, in improvements to his Clinton property between 2006 to 2010.

When asked about their protocols in place, and any changes made in light of Little's misdealing, Monadelphous human resources general manager Philip Trueman spoke generally because the appeal process hadn't been finalised.

"Bearing in mind that the issues in the Little case were identified four years ago (in March 2010), we have made a number of such improvements over the intervening period to ensure that our system of control and issue identification, reporting and investigation remains effective," Mr Trueman said.

"Monadelphous is committed to ensuring that the decisions and actions taken by our employees reflect the highest standards of conduct, and we take this commitment very seriously.

"We have a robust system of internal controls, which is regularly reviewed, both internally and by our external auditors, to ensure that these standards are maintained."

Mr Trueman reinforced that Monadelphous had no hesitation in taking action against employees found to be exploiting their or other companies for personal benefit.

"Where an employee has broken the law, we will not hesitate in handing the matter over to the appropriate authorities," he said.

Little was found guilty of fraud as an employee and was jailed for three years, suspended after serving 14 months.

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