Companies ready to talk

THE consolidation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects on Curtis Island is starting to become a reality.

As reported in The Observer, consolidation has been considered but no offers have ever been put on the table.

Now it would seem that all the LNG companies planning LNG developments on Curtis Island are prepared to start talking.

Santos (GLNG), Shell (Arrow LNG), BG (Queensland Curtis LNG) and Origin (APLNG) are still remaining tight lipped, but the reality is that they will have to consolidate.

Australian Pacific LNG (APLNG) proponents Origin Energy’s CEO Grant King said when previously asked about collaboration and discussion with other projects, APLNG had been consistent in saying it probably would, but not yet.

“I think all of the projects are now in similar positions in respect we all know what we’ve got to do.

“The comment or question is whether there are gains to be made in talking with other projects – and there’s been commentary in the media on that. The time has now come to have those discussions and we would certainly happily participate.”

Mr King said that the APLNG project on Curtis Island is now online with the other LNG companies on Curtis Island.

“It is fair to say that perceptions a year ago was that APLNG was substantially behind in its development compared to other projects,” Mr King told The Observer.

“We would say today that that gap has closed and it’s our expectation that APLNG will be permitted in the same timeframe as the other projects. So there’s been an enormous amount of effort and an enormous amount of work in catching up, or closing, that gap.”

With the gap closed, APLNG is now in the process of making a final investment decision.

“In terms of putting ourselves in a position to stay on the schedule we articulated, we remain very confident of our ability and, subject to regulatory approvals, would expect to have all of the necessary technical, regulatory and environmental approvals necessary to proceed with the project by December,” Mr King said.

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