Commodore wins race for most popular car in Gladstone

IN the eternal battle between Ford and Holden, there can be only one winner.

And in Gladstone that winner is Holden with the ordinary Aussie battler's Commodore the most popular model of car in the region.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads data shows that of the 70,500 vehicles registered here, 3661 are Commodores.

Toyota, which is the area's most popular make of car, scores positions two and three on the model ladder with its HiLux (3322) and LandCruiser (3111).

Ford comes in fourth place with 2934 Falcons calling the region home.

Nissan's Navara, with 1657 units, comes in at fifth place

The Toyota Camry (1125), Nissan Patrol (1060), Holden Rodeo (995), Toyota Corolla (863) and Mitsubishi Triton (844) round out the top 10.

RACQ technical and safety policy executive manager Steve Spalding said Ford and Holden might have been slow off the starting grid in matching customer needs, but they were producing vehicles that could take on Toyota.

"They are building top-quality vehicles - they're well-featured, they're safe and they're very capable vehicles, but unfortunately the market has moved away from large vehicles and that's been happening for some time.

Mr Spalding said moving production overseas could improve Holden and Ford's market share.

NICE RIDE: Ford fan Darren ‘Dags’ Hansford with his 1966 Fairmont XR.
NICE RIDE: Ford fan Darren ‘Dags’ Hansford with his 1966 Fairmont XR. Mike Richards

Dags raced Holdens so he didn't bash up a Ford

FORD fanatic Darren 'Dags' Hansford has a confession to make.

"My name is Darren and I've owned a couple of Holdens," he said.

When Hansford was younger he was a speedway racer.

"I used to race Holdens because I could not bring myself to bash up a Ford," he said.

"I've had some bad experiences in Holdens," Hansford said.

He said having Hansford as a last name decided his fate early.

"It's the memories of when you're growing up with these cars."

"I've had some great time driving these cars and in these cars."

Hansford has a shrine in his house to Fords and a garage with two in it.

In the block next door are two shells of old cars, waiting to be restored.

"I enjoy working on them," he said.

"I did one for my wife, my daughter and I am going to do one for my boy," Hansford added.

Lowdown on vehicles in Gladstone

ALMOST 59,000 sets of Gladstone wheels are used for school runs, going to the shops, getting to work and other day-to-day activities.

Of the region's 70,500 vehicles, 58,846 are registered for private use.

Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads data shows 9290 cars, trucks, trailers and other forms of transport are used for commercial ventures.

There are 595 Gladstone farming vehicles on the database and 74 modes of transportation registered to not-for-profit groups.

There are 15 public passenger service vehicles, 49 registered for school activities and 1177 self-drive rental cars, buses, vans and trucks.

Driver training operators have 14 vehicles registered and taxi businesses have 27 vehicles in the region.



Vehicle total - 70,500

  • COMMODORE - 3661
  • HILUX - 3322
  • LANDCRUISER - 3111
  • FALCON - 2934
  • NAVARA - 1657
  • CAMRY - 1125
  • PATROL - 1060
  • RODEO - 995
  • COROLLA - 863
  • TRITON - 844

* Number of vehicles by model listed on the Qld registration database. They are not an indication of current vehicle sales.

Source: Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

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