Survey shows Coalition govt is the choice of Flynn voters

A SLICE of the voting pie from the Gladstone region has indicated it wants a Coalition government by next week.

As part of APN's online election survey, Gladstone people responded to 14 questions about how they would vote in Saturday's election.

The majority of voters were those in the over-55 category, and were evenly split between males and females.

They ranked health, the economy, employment, defence and education as the top five issues of most importance in the election.

A total 43.2% said they had voted for the Coalition in the previous election, and 38.9% would vote the same way again.

A total 11.6% indicated they would vote for one of the two newer parties beginning to make their mark - Palmer United and Katter Australia.

Tony Abbott won the trust question out of the two main leaders - 51.6% against 48.4% - while 57.6% were dissatisfied with Kevin Rudd's performance during the election.

While 40.6% thought Labor had the best policies in regional and rural Australia, 41.7% people thought the Liberal National Party had the best rural/regional policies.

How to vote:

Formal votes

To make a formal vote on a House of Representatives ballot paper, a voter must number every box with a series of consecutive numbers according to their preference from 1 to 9 (as Flynn has nine candidates).

Informal votes

An informal ballot paper is one that has been incorrectly completed or not filled in at all. Informal votes are not counted towards any candidate but are set aside.

A House of Representatives ballot paper is informal if:

  • it is blank or unmarked,
  • ticks or crosses have been used,
  • it has writing on it which identifies the voter,
  • a number is repeated,
  • the voter's intention is not clear, or
  • it has not received the official mark of the presiding officer and is not considered authentic.

Who do you plan to vote for in Flynn?

This poll ended on 07 September 2013.

Current Results

Ken O'Dowd, LNP


Chris Trevor, ALP


Steve Ensby, PUP


Richard Love, KAP


Duncan Scott, IND


Craig Tomsett, IND


Kingsley Dickins, Rise Up Australia


Serena Thompson, Greens


Renae Moldre, Family First


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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