Coal terminal designed to standard for earthquakes

GLADSTONE'S Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal has been designed to meet Australian standards for earthquake load, a company statement says.

The Observer last week reported that Gladstone's major industries were well placed to cope with an earthquake, with the exception of the Wiggins Island laydown area.

WICET has released a statement saying that in the design of the WICET terminal infrastructure, including design of earthworks elements, the terminal design engineers have included design for earthquake load cases as necessary under the requirements of Australian standards.

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"The WICET laydown area is an earthworks fill platform that has been constructed over a ground profile that includes marine deposits," the statement read.

"In relation to liquefaction risk, WICET engineers assessed the potential for liquefaction of the laydown areas in accordance with internationally recognised guidelines (there is no formal Australian Standard to assess liquefaction).

"This assessment showed there was a low risk of liquefaction occurring in the laydown areas, under the design earthquake loading."

The company says the WICET laydown area is located a considerable distance away from the operating WICET stockyard.

"There are no terminal structures built upon the WICET laydown area and it does not form part of the WICET operations, but rather this area was previously used for construction laydown and has now been vacated.

"In regard to what provisions WICET have in place in case of an earthquake nearby, please note that our emergency response plans deal with a range of emergency situations including flood, fire and cyclones.

"As part of these response plans, we have protocols to deal with the effects of an earthquake, and also procedures to deal with tsunami should the Bureau of Meteorology issue such a warning."

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