Climbing mountains to stop going over the hill

I KNOW today is Tuesday and it's a day closer to the weekend, but really, the past few days have been a bit blurry.

The bike has been getting a bit of a flogging of late. You know the feeling, leave the car at home and ride everywhere just to get that bit fitter.

I've been all over the place, riding up Auckland Hill just because I can, checking out the new East Shores, jogging up and down the steps to the lookout a few times, getting heckled by magpies late in the breeding season, having a few rounds of golf in New Auckland, a few laps at the aquatic centre, walking the lovely pets at the RSPCA and, of course, a few walks up the famous Mount Larcom.

I'm surprised so many haven't done it.

Sure it's 632 metres up, sure it takes an hour, and sure you curse as you're doing it, but it makes you feel so good when you sit atop with that perfect view.

Early Sunday morning I helped our 4CC director of first impressions Kim Ambrose get to the top for the first time.

She said to me ages ago that it was on her bucket list, so Sunday just gone it was time.

It was going to be three of us but Leaonie set her alarm for Saturday, not Sunday, and missed the bus to the mountain at 4.30am.

Kim and I reached the mountain after 5am, just as it was getting quite bright but still at that point of the day when you could feel the mist in the air.

The birds were out in force, it wasn't that hot as it was so early, and the conditions were terrific.

That was on the way up. When we arrived at the top we signed the book, took more snaps for her album and then made the trek back down and then the fun started.

It's amazing what happens when the sun really comes out in force.

Your body takes a beating and those muscles you haven't felt in years come out to play.

Let's just say both Kim and I felt the pain, but after making it back to base camp in a little over the time it would take me to eat fish and chips with the kids, we were fine.

I always say your body feels the worst two days after the event, so today being Tuesday would have to be a fun time for Kim.

How are you then, Kim?

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