WHAT YOU SAID: When it's okay to let the kids miss school

GLADSTONE students are among the state's worst waggers, missing more than a century of school since 2010.

The region's primary and secondary pupils skipped 36,589 days between January, 2010, and December, 2014 - adding up to 100.24 years of lost education.

Gladstone had the 15th highest level of absences out of the state's 75 council areas.

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An APN Newsdesk analysis of State Government data reveals unexplained, unauthorised and "other" absences accounted for 18,136 days and illness came second on 9681 days.

Un-gazetted holidays were responsible for 6299 days off and 2473 absences were the result of disciplinary action.

ON FACEBOOK: Here's what you said when we asked when it was okay to let the kids skip school:

Sandra Hill My daughter didn't go Tuesday and Wednesday this week due to a lot of students on work experience and those left at school not doing much. 4 kids in religion, rec, English. Not worth the effort. She can watch movies at home as easily as at school.

Linda Lou There are lots of reasons. The kids need more support at school!

Bo-Jamie Barber Powell I'm a full time working parent who never gets school holidays off due to work so if we don't go on family holidays during the school year, we would never get to see our families.

Gabby Stone My daughter had 2 days off in this term. Think about this why kids are away. There behaviour at school or there problems at home?

Kate Bauer Sickness has been the only reason my children have had days off. They're young and still building immunities. Unfortunately there has been a lot going around for a few months.

Leisa Teather I have a child with sensory issues and he worked himself up so much trying to get his socks feeling right, that his anxiety levels made him vomit. He had a day off then. There are many special needs children that require time off.

Shane Angie Nicholls We live in a shift working community where a large number of families can't get time off through school holidays so family breaks/holidays just have to happen when it's convenient for the whole family and, well if it takes place through school time, then so be it, family time is just as important as getting an education.

Manuel Beezley Very interesting Stat apart from the everdayday issues of illness family reasons how about the Curiculum itself are some of the subjects revelant to all students??

Kerry Myers My daughter has had 4 days off in the year... for specialist appts.

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