Shirley and Cyril Golding enjoy themselves at the Relay for Life at Chanel College in 2010.
Shirley and Cyril Golding enjoy themselves at the Relay for Life at Chanel College in 2010.

City's leaders pay tribute to a humble, generous man

GLADSTONE'S leaders pay tribute to Cyril Golding, who passed away on Sunday:

Gail Sellers, Gladstone Mayor
It's the end of an era. He was known as 'Mr Gladstone' and helped the region across the board.

Cyril made big contributions to the arts and sports, but also many, many donations to people in need.

Cyril's contributions to the region will never be equalled and he will be sorely missed by all.

Throughout his lifetime he touched so many lives - and being such a humble man, all done without any thought of recognition.

Gladstone Regional Council extends its sympathies to the Golding family.

Leo Zussino, Gladstone Ports Corporation CEO
The Gladstone Ports Corporation offers its sympathy to the Golding family.

Cyril was a wonderful family man, a brilliant businessman, a just and considerate employer, a staunch supporter of the port and economic development and a most generous benefactor to education and the arts in Gladstone.

Liz Cunningham, Member for Gladstone
Our community has lost a great man.

He was generous of spirit, compassionate and loyal to those who knew and loved him.

Cyril will be greatly missed but remembered with great fondness.

Thoughts and prayers with Shirley and Cyril's family.

Rick Hansen, Gladstone Chamber of Commerce president
Born and bred in Gladstone, he came from nothing and built up his own business into one of the most reputable businesses in the nation.

He was such a generous man with his time and with his funding of organisations across Gladstone, and he was absolutely, truly committed to his community.

He deserves the many plaudits that this community could give him and he will be very sadly missed.

He was a brilliant man.

Carli Hobbs, Gladstone Engineering Alliance general manager
On behalf of Gladstone Engineering Alliance, we pay our respects and tributes to the late Cyril Golding.

Cyril was the first beneficiary of the GEA Industry Hall of Fame in 2011.

His business ethics played a prominent role in shaping the economic development and prosperity of Gladstone and also Queensland, as his business understook many major civil infrastructure projects and mining developments.

He was known for this quality of service, entrepreneurship and his love and dedication to the Gladstone region community.

Cyril will always be remembered as a role model for business owners and community leaders.

Ken O'Dowd, Federal Member for Flynn
Cyril was called Mr Gladstone for a very good reason.

He started from scratch, but at one time Golding was the biggest privately owned business in Gladstone.

He was quite a shy man and he didn't want to display his wealth, but he did help a lot of people, countless people.

Meredith Papavasiliou, editor in chief, Gladstone Observer


Winston Churchill once said, 'Good and great are seldom in the same man'.

But if there was an exception to this claim, then Cyril Golding personified it.

Mr Golding finally lost his battle with leukemia about 3.30am on Sunday.

As news filtered through our community, there was sadness for a great man lost, reflection on a life so wonderfully spent, hope for a long and lasting legacy and gratitude that the Gladstone region had been so fortunate as to call him our own.

Cyril Golding was a good man, a true gentleman, an astute businessman, a passionate and inspiring leader, a mentor to many, a patron of what he believed in.

And whether they realise it or not, every person who has lived, worked or even just visited the Gladstone region has in fact been touched by this wonderful man, his work and his generosity.

The breadth of his community contribution, not just in business, but in nurturing our youth and developing the region's arts and cultural standing, is incomparable. To the end, he was a visionary.

Self-made, with an acute business acumen and an unwavering drive, he was a man who lived to a code.

He was as ethical as he was compassionate as he was driven to excel.

He made working together and fostering a shared vision into an art form.

Though never did he shy away from the tough decisions, he made them in the same way he did everything else: ethically, properly and with Gladstone's greater good in mind.

November 4, 2012 will be remembered as the day we lost one of our finest. It is indeed the end of an era, the like of which we may not see again.

On behalf of The Observer, our staff and readers, as well as the broader APN-ARM network, I extend our deepest condolences to the Golding family.

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